Curved Edge

40mm thickness worktops and breakfast bars* with solid colour, granite, marble, wood and patterned décors. All available with colour matched upstands and splashbacks at a great value price.

New Curved-Edge

Tandem 40mm Curved Edge has a modern, tightly curved profile for the leading edge of the worktops and both long edges of the breakfast bars*. These new curved edges give Tandem 40mm Curved Edge an almost square edge look, which is a very popular kitchen surface trend.

Solid look

The 40mm thickness of Tandem 40mm Curved Edge is the most popular choice for kitchen worktops and breakfast bars*. The laminate wraps around the top and bottom surface of each worktop and breakfast bar edge, giving Tandem 40mm Curved Edge additional protection and a very stylish look!

Décor choice

28 sophisticated solid colour, granite, marble, wood and patterned décors to choose from.

*Breakfast bars are sometimes called island units or peninsula units.

Tandem 40mm Curved Edge

Tandem 40mm Curved Edge gives you 28 great décors with wood, marble and granite effects plus solid colours, offering a comprehensive choice to suit everyone.

Tandem 40mm Curved Edge is now offered with a modern, tightly radiused edge to complete the look. Tandem 40mm Curved Edge is a great value worktop and breakfast bar range, stylishly leading the way with great décors!

Sizes, décor choice and all other details can be found on the availability chart.

Tandem 40mm Curved Edge Décor Collection

Tandem 40mm Curved Edge Availability

Décor Texture Price Group Worktops 3000 x 600 x 40mm Breakfast Bars 3000 x 900 x 40mm Upstands 3000 x 100 x 18mm Splashbacks 3000 x 1290 x 8mm
Black Slate Gloss A
Black Slate Satin A
Black Spark Quartz B
Blocked Oak Matt A
Brown Pepper Dust Matt A
Carrera Marble Matt A
Cloudy Concrete Matt A
Colmar Oak Wood A
Cypress Cinnamon Wood A
Graphite Particles Satin A
Grey Dust Matt A
Grey Lightning Stone Matt A
Grey Oakwood Wood A
Grey Peppered Spark Quartz B
Grey Shuttered Concrete Wood A
Iron Oxide Stone A
Light Grey Particles Matt A
Night Cloud Stone A
Sand Spark Quartz B
Scandinavian Oak Wood A
Snow Spark Quartz B
Tabriz Marble Matt A
Taurus Beige Matt A
Terrazzo Marble Matt A
Venetian Marble Matt A
Weathered Pine Wood A
Weathered Slate Matt A
White Matt A

Please note: we have price groups A and B where A is the lowest price and B is the highest price due to different levels of décor and texture sophistication.