Tandem Quality

All Tandem products are manufactured in accordance with the
BS/EN 4965 standard. This gives you the best possible heat, water, abrasion and impact resistance for laminated products.

The BS/EN438 laminate surface is bonded to EN312/2003 E1 high density particle board. A waterproof foil is bonded to the underside of each Tandem worktop and breakfast bar: this gives protection from water penetration. Each Tandem worktop and breakfast bar also has a polyurethane seal to protect the long edges from water penetration. The rear edges of all Tandem worktops and breakfast bars are also waterproofed.

Quartz décors have a protective foil to prevent surface damage from scratching and scuffs during delivery to your home. The foil is removed during the installation process. Each Tandem worktop and breakfast bar is delivered with a free of charge loose laminate edge for your installer to seal all edges cut on site.

The Tandem Collection has achieved the ultimate mark of quality – the FIRA Gold Award. All Tandem products are supplied with protective polythene wrapping.

Tandem and the Environment

All timber products used in the production of Tandem worktops, breakfast bars, upstands and splashbacks come from wellmanaged and sustainable forests, certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). The Tandem Collection has excellent product recycling properties.

The use of Tandem’s amazingly realistic wood, granite and marble effect décors means that it is completely unnecessary to cut down exotic species of real wood within our forests or disrupt the earth by mining for granite and marble.