Surface Finishes

There’s something for everyone.

In addition to the huge selection of solid colours, woods, granites, marbles and abstract décors that the Tandem Collection can offer, there are 6 exciting laminate surface finishes to complement your chosen decor.


A stunning texture which combines complex variations of surface texture, gloss and matt with the décor colours to create a striking contemporary finish.

Black Quarry


A reflective surface, incorporating dazzling multi-coloured metallic elements which are freely distributed to give you a unique finish and look.

Black Spark, White Spark


This highly reflective, luxurious surface is one of our most dramatic finishes. However, it does require a little more care and attention to retain its glamour.

Black Slate


Satin produces a semi-polished sheen to enhance the colours of the décors that use this attractive texture. It also has the benefit of being a hard wearing finish.

Black Slate, Black Labrador, Taurus Black and Granite


Matt is used with some of our stone and wood décors where the delicately textured surface helps to authentically create the look and feel of a natural surface.

Walnut Butcher Block, Natural Blocked Beech, Blocked Oak, Grey Dust, Lava Sand, Taurus Beige, Grey Lightning Stone, White, Pearl White and Patmos


A subtle variety of textures which follow the natural grain of real wood.

Cypress Cinnamon and Colmar Oak

*Quartz and Gloss surfaces are more prone to scratching than other worksurface finishes, so please take additional care when handling and cleaning.

Please check our availability charts for each Tandem surface finish and texture.

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